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Anger Management

If you have been court ordered and need more information about the Project ADAM program you may contact Safe Place of the Permian Basin at 432-522-2700.

Project ADAM is a battered intervention program. This intervention program for persons who batter, uses a curriculum which meets the guidelines of the Texas Council on Family Violence. Batterers learn to eliminate the use of abusive power and control against their partners and base the relationship on equality and respect. Project ADAM participants pay a fee based on income.

To request Mental Health Services or to access Mental Health Crisis Services Call

For local AA/NA group information contact your officer.

Our Substance Abuse Counseling Program benefits the jurisdiction by providing rehabilitative services to the offenders in the area of alcohol and chemical dependency. Offenders placed on probation with alcohol or drug issues can be ordered by the court to attend and complete a substance abuse program. With twenty one years of Our counselor, Jackie Erwin,  will provide the best service possible to individuals on probation battling substance issues.

Counseling Services

Reeves County

Ward County

Community service provides the offender  with opportunities to become active in the community and positive contributors to society. Most offenders placed on probation will be court ordered to work community service hours. All community service hours accepted by this department must be worked/donated through a non-profit organization. Contact your Community Supervision Officer if you have questions about community service.

Community Service
  • Meals on Wheels 432-447-4913
  • Pecos Chamber 432-445-2406
  • Reeves County Golf Course 432-447-2858
  • Local Churches 432-447-6600
  • Highway Clean Up 432-447-6600
  • P-B-T ISD 432-447-6600
  • Reeves County Courthouse 432-447-6600
  • City of Balmorhea 432-375-2307
  • Pecos Little League 432-447-6600
  • Reeves County Library 432-445-5340
  • Reeves County Recreation 432-447-9776

You may contact Jackie Erwin in Monahans at 432-943-7396 or in Pecos at 432-287-0224. You may also contact Jackie by email at jerwin@143cscd.com

The Victim's Assistance program is a financial program that helps eligible victims of crime with certain expenses related to the crime and does not pay for property damage, theft or unforeseen expenses. The funds may be used to purchase items such as shoes, utilities, medications, groceries, lodging, rent, windows, door locks and travel expenses for medical attention.

To record completed community service hours use this form and turn it in to your Community Supervision Officer at your next report date.

  • Greater Works / Food Bank 
  • Monahans Chamber 432-943-2187
  • Million Barrel Museum 432-943-8401
  • City of Grandfalls 432-547-2331 
  • Local Churches 432-943-2851
  • Highway Clean Up 432-943-2851
  • MWPISD 432-943-2851
  • Perch Pond 432-943-2851
  • Ward Courthouse 432-943-2851
  • Wickett Auditorium 432-943-2851

DWI Education

  • On information for Driver Responsibility Program (surcharge) click the link below.
  • On information to obtain a drivers license or photo ID from Texas DPS click the link below.
Project ADAM

If you have been court ordered and need more information about the Victim Impact Panel program you may contact the Victims Assistance Coordinator, Susie Mendoza at 432-943-7982 for Ward County and 432-287-0224 Ext. 5 for Reeves County. You may also contact Susie by email at smendoza@143cscd.com

Victim Impact Panel

The Victim Assistance Program helps to provide information to victims and their families regarding victims’ rights, victim services, protective orders and the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Act. Crimes covered by the Victims Assistance program are those in which the victim suffers threat of physical or emotional harm or death. These may include sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, homicide and any other violent crimes.

Reeves County CSCD

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143rd Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Texas DPS License Division

If you have been court ordered and need more information about Anger Management you may contact the Anger Management Center of the Permian Basin at 432-978-6995 or 432-349-1842.

The anger management course is designed to demonstrate the importance of understanding an individuals anger as the underlying and active factor in their anti-social and battering behavior. This course will also examine the underlying issues of power and control which fuels the offender's impulsive and historical explosive anger.

This program is one of many intervention methods implemented to help reduce DWI's. It provides emotional motivation to change one's behavior and attitude toward drinking and driving. The purpose of the program is not to judge, but to give first time DWI offenders a personal experience through hearing a victim whose life had changed forever by a drunk driver.

If you or someone you know needs assistance contact the Coordinator, Susie Mendoza at 432-943-7982 for Ward County and 432-287-0224 for Reeves County. You may also contact Susie by email at smendoza@143cscd.com

Victims Assistance

Contact Juan Carrillo, LCDC at 432-386-7191

Classes offered in Alpine and Fort Stockton